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For over 30 years Shay's Carpet has provided carpet, hardwood, waterproof, and most other flooring for customers all across Toledo Ohio, and other parts of Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. Our family-owned business is focused on quality work and making your home a beautiful place to live. We're old school in that our main goal is not just to sell you a product, you're not a number to us, but a valued customer. Come visit our showroom and allow us to help you create the home that you've always been dreaming of.

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You can go anywhere to buy your flooring and at any price but can you feel totally confident you made the right choice? We at Shay's Carpet offer a huge selection of brand-name products at affordable price ranges. Our low overhead helps us beat most of our competitors most of the time. Our knowledge and experience in flooring for over 30 years will help you to get the best job possible. We break down the job to allow do-it-yourselfers to do some of the job if they want to. If you choose to have us do your installation you can be confident you are getting quality work. Our installers are professional and experienced and will deliver to you a beautiful installation.

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