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Hardwood flooring is a perfect addition to many homes

If you've never experienced hardwood flooring for yourself, now is a great time to find out more about what it could do for your home. It offers impressive lifespans that can exceed 100 years, but it's also an excellent décor match, no matter your style or requirements. In addition, these products are always on trend and can keep you current for years to come, so be sure to read along now for more information on how you can benefit.

Wood floors are a perfect option for many

Wood floors are known for their magnificent elegance, with timeless appearances no matter how you craft the appearance. Choose specific species, stain colors, and finishes for a look that best matches your décor, or add installation layouts for a whole different option. These floors are always trending and can keep you current longer as well.

Solid hardwood flooring offers a lifespan that can exceed 100 years or more but is never a candidate for below-grade placement. In that case, engineered wood flooring is a beautiful alternative but offers slightly less lifespan, coming in at about 30 years. Both materials provide impressive visuals, though engineered wood construction differs by laying a veneer of natural wood atop layers of plywood for performance in damp, humid areas.

Both products can be refinished, bringing them back to a like-new appearance, but both also must be acclimated before installation can begin. Once you choose a specific product, our technicians will give you all the details surrounding your installation process. So, stop by either of our showrooms today to learn more about these materials and how they can serve you.

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When you visit Shay's Carpet, you'll discover that we offer impressive products that are created to provide the results you're looking for in most rooms of your home. You'll find options for performance, visuals, and more, and our associates help match your chosen products with the best services as well. We work to ensure your best results, no matter what size project you're undertaking.

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