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Sauder ceiling system


Shay's Carpet is a local distributor of the Sauder's WoodTrac® Ceiling System

For the first time it’s possible to achieve the look of a custom-crafted three dimensional ceiling at a practical price. The revolutionary patented WoodTrac® Ceiling System* by Sauder adds character, dimension and color to any room. Multiple wood finishes and a paintable option along with three molding styles create endless choices to match any decor. Improving a finished or unfinished ceiling is quick and easy because WoodTrac® is compatible with most existing or new ceiling grid systems and now installs over joists, drywall, etc. It’s the perfect solution for a better look.

It’s possible to achieve the look of a custom-crafted wood ceiling at a practical price.

  • Precision detailed moldings and panels are made of engineered wood, so they will not warp, split or crack.
  • The easy-care laminate finishes provide hi-fidelity detail and color consistency that natural wood cannot match at any cost.
  • It’s the perfect solution for a better look, whether as a new installation or to cover old grid and replace stained tiles.

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Whether you’re a custom installer or a DIY’er, Sauder makes it easy with the WoodTrac Ceiling System, saving you time and money. Most of the installation will simply click in place!

  • Easy to handle 4′ maximum lengths
  • 6 basic components: Edge Moldings, Main Moldings, Cross Moldings, Panels, Light Kits and Clips
  • Edge Moldings and Light Kits can be custom fit using a tape measure and basic miter box saw